A Day of #MOOC/ification

…tagged #moocmooc, advance billed as a MOOCathon, this is also my encounter, experience, happening, primary activity for today ~ a virtual day trip. Consider this a “wish you were here” postcard from along the way…and something along the lines of an “out to lunch” sign hung on the door. I’m checking feeds and mail and […]

Originally posted on Learningcreep:
In addition to POT Cert, I’ve enrolled on a few other MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). The first of which, entitled MOOC MOOC, takes a look at the phenomenon of MOOCs themselves…, naturally. And it was here, within the customary introduction stage of the course a reference by Kate Bowles @KateMfD …

MOOC my day

… a fistful of moocs because learning is more than moocs & skittles MOOC my day is an eclectic but hardly comprehensive selection of mooc links. Opening video and closing post excepted, I tried to avoid rounding up the usual suspects and introduce a few less familiar and expected sources.  Also, rather than address assigned topics other than peripherally, […]

Seven Questions to the MOOCFest

I spend a lot of time reading about and posting links on good stuff about MOOCs, notably the connectivist kind. That does not mean I am unaware of the dark side or its dangers ~ recognized them long before most doomsayers even knew they existed. Intel matters, so study them up close and learn as […]

A Failure of Interaction: Report from UCLA Forum on HighTech #HigherEd

A cautionary tale for more than just UC On January 8th, I participated in the forum on online education for California at UCLA. First a few ironies: the faculty presenters had to listen to four hours of non-interactive presentations before they could speak and ask questions. In other words, as the “providers” were lecturing us […]