This isn’t summer camp

…doesn’t look much like MOOC Madness either but is central, at ;east to my perspective and that of the many without reliable. affordable high speed access. The assumption that goes with most ed tech ventures either presumes everyone has it or willfully ignores the reality that they do not. They point to institutional access available […]

the challenge of participating with limited access

Access on dial-up in a learning community that assumes high speed connectivity, whether home or institutional, continues to be a major challenge pursuing multiple moocs, whether concurrent or serial. Verb choice and ‘why’ can wait as topics. Now is first aid time for a prematurely published post (email glitch, sending instead of saving, which also […]

Originally posted on Online Learning Insights:
“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”  Albert Einstein A change of thinking is almost obligatory when considering the future of Higher Education. Last week was the final week of the MOOC Current/Future State of…

Personal Learning Networks

Source: via Eric on Pinterest   PLN’s may not be joined at the hip for life to MOOCs (it may even be possible to partake of one without the other) …but feels like it at times. Here, Pinterest throws its cyber hat into the PLN ring. Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s) are a cost-effective means […]

Instructional Design & MOOCs: A Perfect Storm

Larnaca, meet the MOOCs; MOOC’s, meet Lamarca. I almost forgot about this post/share, “Quick review of the Larnaca Learning Design Declaration,” from OLDaily in drafts.  Forgetting about drafts happens way too often but could be serendipity this time, pairing up for comparison with Geof Cain’s Brainstorm in Progress post, “MOOCs: Why Do We need Instructional Design?“, recently […]

just blogging about blogging

Alert: meta blogging ahead! This coming week is a blogging week on both #ETMOOC and Multi(literacies) MOOC. In addition to asking participants to blog and share feeds, Vance reactivated the Multiliteracies group blog on Posterous. Week 2 etM facilitator, Sue Waters posted, “Learning through blogging as part of a connectivist MOOC,” which she describes as, “more […]