just blogging about blogging

Alert: meta blogging ahead! This coming week is a blogging week on both #ETMOOC and Multi(literacies) MOOC. In addition to asking participants to blog and share feeds, Vance reactivated the Multiliteracies group blog on Posterous. Week 2 etM facilitator, Sue Waters posted, “Learning through blogging as part of a connectivist MOOC,” which she describes as, “more […]

Originally posted on Learningcreep:
In addition to POT Cert, I’ve enrolled on a few other MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). The first of which, entitled MOOC MOOC, takes a look at the phenomenon of MOOCs themselves…, naturally. And it was here, within the customary introduction stage of the course a reference by Kate Bowles @KateMfD …

MOOC my day

… a fistful of moocs because learning is more than moocs & skittles MOOC my day is an eclectic but hardly comprehensive selection of mooc links. Opening video and closing post excepted, I tried to avoid rounding up the usual suspects and introduce a few less familiar and expected sources.  Also, rather than address assigned topics other than peripherally, […]

Stories to TEL: MOOCs, what about them?

That about nails it. Enough said, but there’s still more worth reading, so please do. MOOCs have caught the public eye and not just those of education professionals. The reason is that potentially they change the game of higher education. Not just because some claim they will…but also because many fear or predict they will. So, […]

The Scoop on MOOCs | HASTAC

As if there weren’t already too many talking and writing and blogging and tweeting about MOOCs (not too mention seeing pie in the sky and dreaming not of sugar plums but Venture Capitalists). Seemingly natural partners with a clear elective affinity, HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Sciences and Technology Advanced Collaboratory) and “haystackers” had been regarding MOOCs with a […]

Third Culture, week 4, really?

It’s Week 4 in  POT Cert but not everywhere in the electronic schoolyard. Other courses, are in other weeks. For example, Coursera’s Fantasy SF is in Week 10, the final week, essay on Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother due Tuesday. I’m not sure where CMC11 is, but students are blogging (Learning isn’t Linear and Neither is Living sure […]