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Paul deHaye writes ❝I just finished giving my talk on MOOCs as inventions: opportunities and risks in Goteborg, at the #chals14 meeting. This is a reunion of Swedish universities convened by Jonas Gilbert (Chalmers University Library) to discuss MOOCs. My slides are available here. In the talk, I discussed the idea that MOOCs are social machines put in the hands of professors.❞ Read the […]

A Day of #MOOC/ification

…tagged #moocmooc, advance billed as a MOOCathon, this is also my encounter, experience, happening, primary activity for today ~ a virtual day trip. Consider this a “wish you were here” postcard from along the way…and something along the lines of an “out to lunch” sign hung on the door. I’m checking feeds and mail and […]

Personal Learning Networks

Source: esheninger.blogspot.com via Eric on Pinterest   PLN’s may not be joined at the hip for life to MOOCs (it may even be possible to partake of one without the other) …but feels like it at times. Here, Pinterest throws its cyber hat into the PLN ring. Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s) are a cost-effective means […]

Instructional Design & MOOCs: A Perfect Storm

Larnaca, meet the MOOCs; MOOC’s, meet Lamarca. I almost forgot about this post/share, “Quick review of the Larnaca Learning Design Declaration,” from OLDaily in drafts.  Forgetting about drafts happens way too often but could be serendipity this time, pairing up for comparison with Geof Cain’s Brainstorm in Progress post, “MOOCs: Why Do We need Instructional Design?“, recently […]

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In addition to POT Cert, I’ve enrolled on a few other MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). The first of which, entitled MOOC MOOC, takes a look at the phenomenon of MOOCs themselves…, naturally. And it was here, within the customary introduction stage of the course a reference by Kate Bowles @KateMfD …

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We’ve wading into new territory this semester. We’re hardly alone. With over 75,000 learners from around the globe and spanning many decades, my younger son is exploring connections in world history. My older is finishing a science fiction and fantasy literature course while starting a class in beginning Python…