With the 2013 MOOC season beginning, it’s time add my own content to the About page, perhaps even another page but first this one…basic blogkeeping. There’s more than a little irony to my furnishing the WP About page before the Blogger ones as that is the platform where most of my blogs and the most active one reside.

digital identity

This particular manifestation of my splintered digital identity in the blogosphere is just about moocs, nothing but moocs. MOOCs I participate in or just follow, my own posts but also reblogs snagged along the way. A mooc compendium. Most connectivist MOOCs (aka cmoocs) will ask for a blog feed. xMOOCs could care less.

Additional pages will (might) cover recommended mooc specific blogs, moocs in the media, mooc criticism, resource links, details about main moocs I dabble in. The sidebar on my Blogger blogs areas cluttered with widgets, feeds,lists, etc as an old lady’s apartment  (the IRL analog) with tchotchkes

MOOCYes, I dabble in moocs. That’s why I deliberately picked a frivolous title and theme. Let someone else have a dignified layout with a title like “How MOOC Will Save/Destroy [pick one] Education and Civilization as We Know It.”  It’s one of my retirement hobbies. Make no mistake: I do contribute by participating in mooc communities, following/ commenting on mooc blogs, blogging about them, trying to explain them to puzzled, misinformed and resistant higher colleagues ~ as well pointing out nakedness to true believers (also too often misinformed).

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Have tried to reply to your email but travel connections don’t like my email account and crash. Thinking about reward systems…you are right that they have to be believed and that might the first obstacle to education as a system. Once rewards are tied to institutional created and recognized performances, unless by accident they align with your needs the rewards are as abstract as the tasks concocted to receive them. How can we call it education when the whole system applies only to itself? I remember not being allowed to take electives because they didn’t fit the track I was placed on by persons unknown. To argue was to go against people whose “experience” was informed not by experience but by policy and power.

    Ah well, it’s OK not to fit in–avoids a lot of explaining.

    Will get back to complexity in about a week. The Santa Fe model is very different from what I’ve studied before but it’s cool to see some variety in a field and how a theory can be adapted to explain many things.


  2. Hi. I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know we’re avoiding the “will MOOCs destroy universities” discussion also. We’re trying to focus on giving good advice to the users who are ready to enter the MOOC classroom. If there’s ever anything you want to develop for our readers, come check out our Write For Us page. Good luck.

    • Thanks ~ I’ll check in and look around. I do have reservations (who doesn’t and about plenty of other areas in education) but refusing to become informed is just plain ridiculous ~ so is letting others make up your mind for you.

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