MOOC Scraper Update (3) – (and Hello #FutureEd !)

Keep up with comments on #rhizo14 and #FutureEd blogs (mostly the former)

Connection not Content

MOOC Comment Scraper

Experimental Comment Scraping
(Based on ‘la vaca de los sinvaca’ – by José Bogado)

I unleashed my experimental MOOC Comment Scraper on the Rhizomatic Learning MOOC (#rhiz014) run by Dave Cormier from Jan 15th and have been updating it once or twice a day (latest output). The idea behind the Scraper is to get a quick impression of MOOC activity by creating very brief summarised versions of recent blog posts along with their comments. For some reason this type of presentation does not seem to be readily available via feed readers but I’ve found the Scraper useful, particularly for connectivist style  MOOCs where activity is typically distributed across numerous blogs, some of which may not be active at any one time.

In contrast, my xMOOC experiences (eg in a Coursera Philosophy MOOC) suggest that blogging around these ‘instructivist’ MOOCs is not nearly so common. Having joined Cathy…

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2 thoughts on “MOOC Scraper Update (3) – (and Hello #FutureEd !)

  1. Thanks Vanessa – was interesting scraping rhizo14 and was very encouraged by participants’ reactions – given me no end of useful data on Scraper performance and now working on an improved version. Hope to blog something about all this soon.

    • What a coincidence — morphic resonance or something — I am right now posting a comment #rhizo14, #FutureED, scraping — and a Coursera that seems like another x/c hybrid that might have more blogs — to this same post.

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