Starting the Future of Education MOOC

reviewing Week 1 of #FutureEd

Bryan Alexander

Future of Education MOOC logoThe Future of Education MOOC started this week.  I’ll share some notes and reactions here.

So far: this first week sets a historical context for the future.  Professor Cathy Davidson focuses on media history, with an emphasis on history of the book.  She sees this as “a purposive, activist history”, one aimed at informing and eliciting action from us, the audience/participants/learners/educators.  “We don’t see this just as a MOOC but as a movement”, says the opening text.

Platforms: most of the class lives on a Coursera instance.  This includes: a stack of videos; optional readingsthe entirety of her recent book, Now You See It; triggered quizzes;a discussion forum; peer assessment information. There is also a Twitter hashtag, #FutureEd, which has some conversation, and a microsite on the HASTAC site.

Content: the first week sets the stage by quickly…

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