The Downes Prize 2013 ~ Stephen’s Web

For the best and most current writing about online learning you might not have read if you depend on ed org agitprop and higher ed press and mainstream media, check out The Downes Prize and honorable mentions: candidates for election first appear in OLDaily — short for Stephen Downes’ Online Learning Daily — over the course of the year and has to be relevant to the field, be future-oriented, and be open (in the sense that, if you click on the link, you are taken straight to the item – no paywalls, no forms to fill out). The selection criteria for OLDaily haven’t really changed in 15 years

Stephen Downes

Further paraphrasing Stephen Downes, Martin Weller nice things about his OLWeekly in The Best EdTech Book You Never Read, but he adds, “what’s really important is that I don’t write this book. You do.”

Tbhe Downes Prize 2013 ~ Stephen’s Web.


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