Post-MOOC is the new MOOC.

Laura Gibbs commented … “those of us who really cannot even bear to blog about MOOCs anymore are getting such a nice therapeutic boost from your fortitude in blogging on.” Then there is also re-blogging as here. Back in 2011 – before Stanford AI – I started collecting MOOC links and feeds with an eye to blogging about them. Just that got ahead of me in short order, so I do this.

More or Less Bunk

Have you noticed that I’m sick of writing about MOOCs? It’s not the subject itself that bothers me. It’s simply the fact that I think I’ve read more hype than any one human being can digest and I don’t feel like digesting anymore. For example, other than the fact that the author acknowledges that he’s in the minority now, there’s absolutely no point in this article that hasn’t been written better and more clearly by some other member of the MOOC Messiah Squad over a year ago now. Yet students still aren’t paying to take MOOCs, MOOC providers still have no business model and even college presidents hate MOOCs now.

So why link to that article at all? There’s one point there that’s bigger than MOOCs and well worth my time to address:

Those in the anti-MOOC camp who are opposed to this model should provide well-reasoned arguments…

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