Screams, Choice and Starting Points

A #moocreporting threefer…1) overview /commentary on 2) Brennan’s post connectivist gaps, 3) Downes’ response. Then they comment on each other’s. Would that make it a fourfer?

A Point of Contact

There’s a great pair of blog posts up last week about MOOCs and Connectivism. In Connectivism, No One Can Hear You Scream: a Guide to Understanding the MOOC Novice (Brennan) articulates possible gaps in connectivist thinking. Connectivism and the Primal Scream (Downes) points out some of what the initial article missed. Here are some thoughts on what I see as the pivotal points:

The distinction between Everyday Learning and Intentional Learning is important

There are different senses of learning, as Downes brings up, but I think he goes back and forth between these different types of learning too freely. Everyday Learning is constant – as I walk I learn how far away the floor is from my foot at any given instance. There’s an automaticity involved with everyday learning that isn’t necessarily present in intentional learning. Connectivism seems to focus on this type of everyday learning, and tries to view…

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