#MOOCs could be disastrous for students & professors

Jonathon Rees take his MOOC thing mainstream on Slate.

…mooc sounds a bit like slang from Goodfellas…In fact, a MOOC is a new kind of college-like experience that seems to possess the magical power to turn some of the smartest people in academia into followers of a faith-based cult because they want to become its idols.

The Wrath of MOOC

(img by Elizabeth Kate Switaj)

MOOC stands for “massive open online course.” The term was coined by a group of Canadian academics in 2008 to represent a recently invented type of online class that depends upon small group interactions for most of the instruction. More recently, three instructors in the Stanford University computer science department appropriated that term to start two separate private education companies, Udacity and Coursera. Despite being free of charge, the MOOCs that these firms offer bear a more-than-passing resemblance to ordinary college classes—except they are delivered over the Internet to tens of thousands of people at once.

How do you teach tens of thousands of people anything at once? You don’t.

Read the rest of “MOOCs could be disastrous for students and professors” at Slate Magazine

(All images are Creative Commons. Opening and closing cows by Gordon Lockhart ~ the tearful cow above is adapted from Juan sin vaca graphic)

One thought on “#MOOCs could be disastrous for students & professors

  1. Following up with reactions to Jonathon’s Slate article ~ has the novelty of mainstream media’s fascination with higher ed and moocs worn off yet? Soon, soon, one hopes.

    The NY Magazine, http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/07/professors-are-about-to-get-really-mad-at-obama.html

    blogger Brad de Long, http://delong.typepad.com/sdj/2013/07/no-jonathan-chait-most-college-teachers-hate-not-their-students-but-their-adminstrators.html, who calls Jonathon strange. So where (or who) is Mr Norrell?

    Jonathon Rees’ reaction to both, http://moreorlessbunk.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/i-hate-illinois-nazis/

    Pass on reading the comments

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