MOOC Metacognition

metacognition plus connections are the best part of connectivist moocs ~ the kernel, Chaucer would say ~ and something true guerrilla learners can make happen elsewhere, whatever names they go by. My confession du jour, yesterday I registered for the same one and for much the same reasons. I will try to blog the experience and my observations somewhere.


Today I embarked on a new MOOC.

No big deal. I’ve registered for over 20 MOOC’s to date. But this one is different. Why? Because it is of the same species as my first MOOC. Same university. Same platform. Same subject. Same format. Same crowd.

Well, there are some differences… New instructor. New assignments. New cohort. But the parallelism is stark, and the number of people from my first MOOC who have collectively, or individually, decided to register for this new MOOC, is quite spellbinding. The new MOOC launched today, but the buzz in the G+ discussion threads have been going strong for a few days now.

In the past 6-7 months, there has been a steady staple of discussions in G+ which revolve around the observation, analysis, evaluation and reimagination of MOOCs. I use the term “re-imagine”, rather than “re-design”, as most of the discussion participants involved do not…

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