Dark discussions with educators

Bryan Alexander

What do educators fear in 2013?

I’ve meet with thousands of people in higher education over the past year.  Those people include deans, librarians, media specialists, tenure-track professors, CIOs, CFOs, presidents, adjuncts, all kinds of administrative staff, and not enough students. That’s because it’s part of my job to talk with people from colleges, universities, and other cultural heritage institutions, since I’m a higher education speaker, consultant, and facilitator.

Among many, many other things, I’ve been struck by how sad and worried they are.

Gorgeous Alfred U building.That’s what this post is about.  Yes, these people also shared hopes, dreams, positive expectations, and optimistic plans.  But never in my professional life have I heard so much fear coming from educators.

I’m not going to critique these anxieties or situate them against positive alternatives.  Here I would like to share these people’s expressions of anguish.  This post sits with those fears for a while, as the…

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