Protecting Students From Big Data

Sometimes Massiveness is not the only or even the more worrisome concern,

Looking Up

Teaching is a form of time travel. Teachers prepare students today but work in the future, giving students what they’ll need years or decades from now. This is an increasingly difficult job, as the rate of change in society makes that future increasingly uncertain.

An emerging issue that will affect students in the future is the role of Big Data. Digital tools are ubiquitous today, as is the use of services we access with those tools. Phones, tablets and laptops would be much less useful without the use of digital services. Searching on Google, researching on Wikipedia, shopping on Amazon or connecting through social media is the interrelated nature of digital devices and applications.

What users sometimes forget is that digital services make money by selling the data they collect about users. Each time a user does something on an application an “event‘ is created. Every website…

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