MOOCs, Coursera, Online Education and Performing Innovation

In case I missed reblogging this the first time around. Read it? Well, read it again with @qui_oui’s companion piece on Speculative Diction about access and other assumptions of the privileged,


You have been warned about my unicorn killing habit, right?

Good. Let’s dive in.

By the nature of the work I do on for-profit colleges, I also closely follow online education. For many years the two have been conflated and in many important ways that conflation continues in both research and the greater cultural imagination. While for-profits did adopt and leverage online technology better, earlier, and faster than traditional universities, the two are not one and the same. A large percentage of for-profit students attend brick and mortar campuses and  many traditional college students take courses online. The delivery method should not be confused for the institutional type.

Having said that, traditional colleges seem to think that the reason profit-motivated education works is because it is online. “Get us ‘puters, STAT” seems to be the overwhelming institutional response. There is nothing inherently wrong with more computers, using technology smartly, or expanding…

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