#Change11 :: Commentary on Comments

I was telling someone, a lit person, who admired the MOOCow about Gordon’s other talents. That sent me looking for his “The Naming of MOOCs” (apologies to T S Eliot). Too much fun not to share again: scroll down for the reading fun.

Connection not Content

Commenting in MOOCS

As I experiment with my comment scraping program I’m becoming more aware of the important role that MOOC participants play in commenting on each others blogs. As Mira comments (in a comment) “Some of my most memorable learning experiences have been reading blog comments . . .” In general, I find that there is usually something of interest in any comment stream – even on YouTube, and with some ‘reading between the lines’, online comments can provide a far better cross-section of opinion, informed or otherwise, than the typical ‘Letters to the Editor’ in a newspaper.

Sometimes lengthy comment strings blow up in no time at all before tailing off a few days later. (The recent thread following Jenny’s excellent post on The philosophy of MOOCs is a good example.) Such comment strings may lack narrative but the best examples can be highly engaging with overt…

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