Laptop U Has the future of college moved online?

I can’t remember where all I shared this already but the article, more than a little unnerving, made quite an impression on me…the way a well told cautionary tale might.

Don’t miss this exploration of MOOCs and elite schools. But note well, this (and not education) is what the elite universities sell: “At twenty, at Dartmouth, maybe, you’ re sitting in a dormitory room at 1 A.M. sharing Chinese food with two kids wearing flip-flops and Target jeans; twenty-five years later, one of those kids is running a multi-billion dollar tech company and the other is chairing a Senate subcommittee. Access to ‘élite education’ may be more about access to the élites than about access to the classroom teaching.” So why are they offering MOOCs? To make sure nobody else sells what they’re selling. And – perhaps – to prevent the wave of open learning reform from striking their sacred shores and breaching their hallowed halls.

Link & commentary via Stephen’s Web ~ OLDaily



via Laptop U Has the future of college moved online? in the New Yorker


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