Speaking of MOOCs & Museums

Science Museum, London

…at Connection not ContentGordon Lockhart looks at the “essence” of what MOOCs are, who they are for ~ a consideration often overlooked in hype overload ~ and compares the experience to various ways of spending time in museums. Gordon writes,

Essence of MOOC – I’ve been trying to filter out from all the hype and controversy, the essential and distinguishing features of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – as they are right now, out there in the field.

They are: about learning, popular, accessible,  inhabit a massive space (the web), attract  a extraordinarily diverse range of participants, require facilitation (but never a one size fits all model), and are both made possible and limited by technology (“clunky communications, scrappy aggregation, sub-standard videos, less than synchronous sessions, crude monitoring and assessment techniques”).

After listing and, succinctly, expanding on features, Gordon develops a MOOCs – museums analogy. Looking back on my own experience visiting diverse museums and mooc-ing with no interest in either credits or certificates, I agree with his analysis and particularly like his comment, “your learning is entirely your own business.”

Closing, he connects “essences” list and museum, “Why shouldn’t a MOOC be like a good museum and actually try to be all things to all people?”

So go read the whole post, Essence of MOOC and the Museum Analogy


2 thoughts on “Speaking of MOOCs & Museums

  1. Thanks for your support Vanessa – I surprised myself by never mentioning the cMOOC v xMOOC thing. I’m fairly convinced now they’re not at all cast in stone. Gordon

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