A language teaching MOOC

…starting April 15. Information below is from the LT MOOC website (link below). Presumably the hashtag will be #ltmooc. There’s more (but not that much more) about Instreamia, http://about.instreamia.com. In addition to the platform, the course will utilize Google groups and Hangouts and have videos on YouTube. So far this is not sounding all that “connectivist” ~ but still worth checking out… first hand is still the best way to know for sure. The project is a work in progress.

LTMOOC is a collaborative course for language teachers of all levels to discuss and gain a deeper understanding of emerging trends in blended teaching and learning of world languages, including the methodology, best practices, and practical application of the blended and online classroom. The course will facilitate discussion and development of ideas in a connectivist-style MOOC, inviting all course participants to contribute.

Instreamia founders Ryan and Scott Rapp have organized this course in response to the hundreds of inquiries and requests received regarding the Instreamia adaptive learning platform and its popular flagship course SpanishMOOC, which is known as one of the first MOOCs for teaching a foreign language.

Blended Teaching of World Languages http://ltmooc.com

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