Tech training for K-12 admin

Although K-12 is not my primary, secondary or even tertiary teaching area, I follow it because a) all public education is connected, b) the word ‘public’ means it is everyone’s concern, whether employed in it, direct stakeholders as students or parents, c) concerned educators or e) members of the local community. I do stay informed, follow a number of K-12 education sources, and have been researching MOOC for several years.

Note: shared with superintendent of local school district in addition to blogging here on MOOC Madness. As a digital artifact/project for DIY PD, I’m curating online and MOOC resources for K-12 and GED. Recommendations invited….

A new, free online course is aimed at giving thousands of district administrators around the country help in using technology to meet their schools’ needs.

The project, which is being dubbed a “MOOC-Ed,” or a massively open online course for educators, is the work of the Alliance for Excellent Education, a Washington-based advocacy organization that has been heavily involved in promoting digital education, and the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, at North Carolina State University’s College of Education.

The course is to be the first of several massive, open, online courses focused on education organized by the Friday Institute. It’s a seven-week class that will run from April 8 through May 24 and is specifically designed for school and district leaders, including superintendents, principals, curriculum directors, tech directors, finance officials, lead teachers, and others responsible for planning the use of technology in K-12.

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