Good, balanced discussion of MOOCs in education and recap of SIGCSE 2013 ( panel of the same name, although (obviously) such a panel at a computing conference will tend to self-select for supporters and against critics. By contrast, UMW’s 21st Century Studies’ “What’s the Matter with MOOCs? A Critical Conversation” seems to have self-selected the other direction. Dialogue, anyone?

Nick Falkner

Long time between posts, I realise, but I got really, really unwell in Colorado and am still recovering from it. I attended a lot of interesting sessions at SIGCSE 2013, and hopefully gave at least one of them, but the first I wanted to comment on was a panel with Mehram Sahami, Nick Parlante, Fred Martin and Mark Guzdial, entitled “The Revolution Will Be Televised, Perspectives on MOOC Education”. This is, obviously, a very open area for debate and the panelists provided a range of views and a lot of information.

Mehram started by reminding the audience that we’ve had on-line and correspondence courses for some time, with MIT’s OpenCourseWare (OCW) streaming video from the 1990s and Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE) starting in 2008. The SEE lectures were interesting because viewership follows a power law relationship: the final lecture has only 5-10% of the views of the first lecture. These video…

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