Aside from EVO’s ESL oriented Multiliteracies (#mmooc13) and a Spanish MOOC (, I haven’t seen much in the LMOOC line. They’ve always seemed a natural fit to me too, more so than composition (to which my reaction is “eek, oh woes, oh noes!”)

A Point of Contact

MOOCs and Language Learning seems to be a natural fit for each other. I previously wrote about the suitability between Language Learning and MOOCs, and have expanded some ideas on the topic. (I’ve also created a website that tries to communicate the LMOOC vision)

One of the reasons why Language Learning and MOOCs fit so well together is that MOOCs can create interaction. For language learners in non-target language speaking countries, this can increase the amount of target language feedback that they receive. This is a major part of the barrier in trying to learn language in an EFL setting.

However, one of the challenges of increasing this feedback, is helping learners develop strategies for increasing this feedback, and guiding them in how to use this feedback effectively. A LMOOC isn’t based in Educational Technology (like many MOOCs are, making them more like conferences), but rather uses…

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