Disclaimer of a serial mooc-er and chronic dropout thereof: I registered and followed forum discussion for while (still following a handful of mooc blogs, including this one, discovered there) but, already overloaded and frustrated with LMS and Forum navigation, I drifted off. Does that count as “lurker” or “drop out”? Whatever. New terms, please.

Whatever. This is a good synopsis of #CFHE12, still relevant to MOOCs at hand. The post lists and addresses “The three areas [of the course, which] are: 1) the drivers of change in higher education, 2) change in pedagogical methods based upon progressive educators, and, 3) changes in educational models that are on the horizon for higher education,” plus links.

Online Learning Insights

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”  Albert Einstein

A change of thinking is almost obligatory when considering the future of Higher Education. Last week was the final week of the MOOC Current/Future State of Higher Education (CHFE12); its overarching objective was to explore the influences and pressures facing universities today and to identify where higher education is headed. Numerous esteemed educators [including author and Georgia Tech’s  Richard Demillo and Vice Provost Joel Hartman of University of Central Florida] shared their knowledge, expertise, research, and in some cases predictions via webinars, to shed light on the conundrums within higher ed. The results are surprising, encouraging and telling of what educators need to do to adapt and be prepared.

In this post I’ll share my synopsis of the course by focusing on three areas of change…

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