Personal Learning Networks


PLN’s may not be joined at the hip for life to MOOCs (it may even be possible to partake of one without the other) …but feels like it at times. Here, Pinterest throws its cyber hat into the PLN ring.

Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s) are a cost-effective means for educators to grow professionally. Each PLN is crafted and personalized based on the professional interests and goals of an individual educator. This is a FREE means of professional development available 24/7 from anywhere. This board provides some of the most important social media tools that comprise many PLN’s.

via Personal Learning Networks on Pinterest

I must confess that despite multiple EVO Multiliteracies (ur-mooc and gateway OOC) emphasizing PLNs, PLENK2010 (my first MOOC), and continual references (exhortations) to create  PLNs as digital artefacts for online courses, they remain more a mystery to me than not… especially when I haul out something I built (to test drive an app or platform, to post or collate information, feeds, etc) that I don’t think of as a PLN but is identified as one by others.

My confusion may be in part because a) PLNs tend to be associated with education and I’m not really teaching anymore, not actively, and b) it’s singular; whereas I have multiple network, so c) maybe another term is in order. Knowledge Management System leaves me cold. Or I will finally figure it out, come up with a mooc-world…my-world mashup.

In the meantime, storytelling is on this week’s #etmooc menu. Can I consider this an episode in “My Life: Lost at MOOC“? Add more pictures…find a sound track, video clip. Sorry, either making a video or playing with other toys requiring high speed connection is out of the question. Speed ≠ learning or communication. Tech ≠ creativity although, like any tool, may enhance it. 


2 thoughts on “Personal Learning Networks

  1. I am very much with you on what you say, especially finding the right term for what we’re all going through in this learning experience of our age. I have been playing with a lot of “names” to figure out what to call that of which we use when we share our learning. the search is still on, so keep me posted if you reach one before I do. 😉 cheers!

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