Until I get around to blogging my own #moocmooc reflection (still pondering & digesting), I’ll be a digital magpie, flying over the blogospere and twitiverse, carrying off (reblogging) bright shiny bits to my madness nest. Here’s a choice bit of glitter, more than just cyber bling

Kate’s and Helen’s “hospitality” and “internationalism” exchange on Twitter crystalized a still unverbalized, miasm-like unease that had been hovering over my field of impressions. Perhaps MOOC ratings should include hospitality ~ not a directory of courses but a Guide Michelin.

Anyone who has been around a few moocs, can’t help noticing that some are more hospitable than others, cyber Cheers, even if everybody doesn’t know your name. More global content in readings, acknowledging and celebrating demographics, accommodating participants due north and south and across pond and a cosmopolitan atmosphere would make them less provincial and more accommodating to guests not part of US (mostly higher) education cyber circles. Perhaps looking at the ones we’ve found most congenial, where we’ve enjoyed our sojourns, and what they have in common would be the place to start. My personal list would include POTcert, Carol Yeager’s CMC11, Vance Steven’s Multiliteracies (and EVO in general), a fistful of cmoocs and even an independent off-forum FB group for an xmooc.


In addition to POT Cert, I’ve enrolled on a few other MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). The first of which, entitled MOOC MOOC, takes a look at the phenomenon of MOOCs themselves…, naturally.

And it was here, within the customary introduction stage of the course a reference by Kate Bowles @KateMfD  to “hospitable pedagogy” immediately caught my eye. The reason being that only last week I read “Critical Digital Literacies as Social Praxis” where, in the chapter by Anna Smith and Glynda Hull, I came across the concept of hospitality as an aspect of Cosmopolitanism (p.63-66).

On first encounter, the notion of hospitality really resonated with me (see why), and it did so again when it emerged in a #moocmooc Twitter chat as an associated concept of Internationalism. Ironically though, I missed the chat itself because of what might be considered…

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