A good introduction to the next round…I’m relieved to hear that #Change11 won’t die because I am still digesting and am psychologically committed to writing up reflections, eventually ~ not to mention the digital identities post responding to Bonnie Stewart’s session. First though, I have to sort them out, my digital identities, that is…

Learning About Learning

#ETMOOC is an opportunity.  The very worst thing that could happen to you if you join #ETMOOC is that you could learn a few new things, and connect with a few new learners, like yourself.

It’s free.

It is not evaluative.

It is open and supportive.

(And some of the coolest educators in the world are hanging out there for the next few months).

So what is #ETMOOC?

Let’s start with the MOOC part.

MOOC = Massive Open Online Course.   Don’t let that word “massive” scare you.  Or, for that matter, don’t let the word “course” scare you.  This is nothing like other “courses” your have “taken”.

When you hear “course”, no doubt you think “work”, “boring”, “drudgery”, “marks”, “assignments”.  No wonder “course” turns you off!

[Replace “course” in that last bit with “school” and think like a student for a minute.  But then that takes us to…

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