MOOC my day

… a fistful of moocs because learning is more than moocs & skittles

MOOC my day is an eclectic but hardly comprehensive selection of mooc links. Opening video and closing post excepted, I tried to avoid rounding up the usual suspects and introduce a few less familiar and expected sources.  Also, rather than address assigned topics other than peripherally, I prefer to question by juxtaposition.
Or I could just be wanting either not to bother with organizing them or to have you make your own connections.

2 thoughts on “MOOC my day

  1. This is a good idea Vanessa (and thanks for the mentions!). I’ve given up any hope of comprehensively scanning mainstream MOOC stuff and anyway much of it covers the same ground – so your eclectic selection is very welcome! Gordon Lockhart

    • Gordon ~ I started collecting after PLENK10 (my first, not counting Vance Stevens ur-mooc open online learning whatever they are) with an eye to composing as guide to moocs for the perplexed. How to pack for a mooc.. the more I collected the more perplexed I became so put the project aside. A mistake. Now there are too many. Eclectic seems the way to go, perhaps themed juxtapositions, the more unlikely the better ~ zeugma as genre. Besides both converted and critical tend to the close-minded, not inclined to check out what other side has to say unless it can be quoted out of context.

      My #moocmooc co-mooc-ers (comoocers, compadres de mooc?). Is that too many in one sentence or what?

      The whimsical layout is a visual caution not to take any of it too seriously and my intention to have fun with it.

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