Seven Questions to the MOOCFest

I spend a lot of time reading about and posting links on good stuff about MOOCs, notably the connectivist kind. That does not mean I am unaware of the dark side or its dangers ~ recognized them long before most doomsayers even knew they existed. Intel matters, so study them up close and learn as much about them as you can ~ both sides, both kinds. Read widely, do your own field research, which means taking them, both kinds. Don’t let media think for you, not higher ed media, not the Grey Lady, not WSJ or Forbes.

Photo from “UC Online Courses Fail to Lure Outsiders,” San Francicso Chronicle. 

Chris Newfield, Remaking the University asks:

UCLA’s “Reboot” with MOOCs extravaganza begins right about now.  Here are a few questions I’d like to see answered.

So read Seven Questions to the MOOCFest,


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