2013 #mooc season begins: #moocmooc

Diary of a Bad Student: Day 1 (or is it 2?)


Yesterday (or midnight today) Hybrid Pedagogy‘s #moocmooc kicked off with a 6 pm Twitter social that I missed, although I did manage to waste a good deal of time sticking digital fingers in the leak sprung dike I call an inbox. Creating a filter to send messages directly to folders makes it a dead cert I won’t check regularly. Bad student. Out of sight, out of mind…next best would be to change email setting on Canvas to digest or equivalent thereof. All best tended to before a course starts. Bad student with prior commitments

The first collaborative assignment is due in less than 1 hour. I remember seeing the notice but don’t remember what the assignment was. Bad student. OK so for this one: check into the LMS regularly. Daily since it’s a one week mooc. Canvas seems the best of a sorry lot, but I don’t much care for LMS, walled gardens no matter how well landscaped. Give me distributed networks any day, and, while we’re at, longer moocs. It’s not a THATcamp.

I remind myself (repeatedly) of Rebecca Hogue‘s advice to align mooc commitments to your personal needs, not the other way around. Planet X refugees are already going on about the virtues of completion. I replied to one but will dig out Rebecca]’s link to save time on future replies. This attitude may be endemic to #moocmooc than to more clearly connectivist endeavors. Why? The slightly different academic mix? An implicit academic context of courses with assignments, goals, deadlines? More participants coming from xmoocs?

So what simple, realistic goals will I set for myself? Give Collaborative Writing in GDocs more of a try. Try to make daily twitter chats (don’t let unconscious save me from myself). Blog more. Comment on blogs. Pick a few to keep following. Sounds like a plan.

How to succeed in a MOOC (Apostolos Koutropoulos & Rebecca J. Hogue) is a useful guide.. enough reblog separately, including it here in case I forget. Bonus: I found Inge’s article on how to set up a mooc that I had been looking for (in all the wrong places). Both are in Learning Solutions. Both would be good addition to #moocmooc’s collaborative list of resources. Not such a totally Bad Student.

Even though I have actually checked home page, schedule and orientation for #etmooc (et tu mooc?), I was unclear about when it starts. So I checked: January 14 and more leisurely since it is an 10 week course. The Google+ ETMOOC Community is already hyperactive. I set a filter for notices since gmail in html is a clunker. What then? Introduce myself. Not again. Post intro link? Copy latest version from Canvas? Whatever. Bad Student but making an effort or facsimile thereof.

Vance’s Multiliteracies, #evomlit, rebranded MultiMOOC, #mmooc13, starts January 13, the day after #moocmooc finishes. Still waiting to hear SFI’s Complexity MOOC, start date pushed (thank goodness!) from January 6 to “sometime in January.” There may be a Coursera, not lit, coming up too. I pick those for subject matter that interests me. Mind candy. I can check or just wait for the email notice. Bad Student.

In the interests of a Bad Student’s and overworked blogger’s economy of scale, I’ll repost this in toto in McGee’s Cyber Closet for today’s BlogHer #NaBloPoMo post, no mooc but possibly kin. I know I am repeating some of the material from my last post there, but it helps me remember.

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