No, Brendan, you are not alone in your madness. I used to refer to it as being a mooc junkie but have taken up Scott Johnson’s designation, mooc rats. Would that make us a Rat Pack? Besides #etmooc and #moocmooc, I’m in E-learning & Digital Cultures too. If misery loves company, madness adores it.

Jeff Merrell

I thought I was nuts. But apparently I am not alone. And may even be a bit of a slacker.

Late last year, I recognized the opportunity that January 2013 represented: To mashup my participation in two MOOCs with teaching my course on organizational knowledge sharing and technology at the Master’s Program in Learning & Organizational Change (MSLOC) at Northwestern University.

What made me think I was nuts is that I am not a total stranger to MOOC participation. I took advantage of Change11, the 2011/2012 MOOC covering the field of instructional technology and facilitated by George Siemens, Dave Cormier and Stephen Downes. I also mostly lurked through Hybrid Pedagogy’s excellent MOOCMOOC in August 2012. And I signed up for (and dropped out of) one Coursera course. Lesson learned. MOOCs (ok, learning) take(s) energy. Be prepared.

Then several weeks ago I noted that two really intriguing MOOCs were kicking…

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