Good post on x/c mooc differences, even without following all the links. I will but wanted to reblog this before forgetting or an interruption distracted me. Handy road map to help with wayfinding and sensemaking. Not all are. Just yesterday I read one that cited another post out of context. I had already read the cited post: the cognitive dissonance was both immediate and disturbing for coming from a respected source. What if I had not already read the post cited, discussed with a group? I might have taken the thumbnail review for true coin. Others less familiar with context are likely to.

Learner Weblog

If you haven’t read this post, you may wonder what Sebastian Thrun meant when he says:

“I feel like there’s a red pill and a blue pill,” he said. “And you can take the blue pill and go back to your classroom and lecture your 20 students. But I’ve taken the red pill, and I’ve seen Wonderland.”

I had already experienced and seen that back in 2008 when I exclaimed here:

Then, there came the turbulence, power in between the pilots and passengers, when I have to fasten my seat belt.  It was a bumpy ride, and luckily, I have got my gears ready, and so I was safe and sound.  On one occasion, I took the breathing apparatus to keep alive.  But after a few more roller coaster rides, the complexity and chaos theories, the jargons, metaphors on friction, pipes, etc. I managed to focus on my exploration.  I finally understand…

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