not a change of direction: just trimming #DNLE sails

…posted (minus head & end note notes + more links) to journal at Venture Lab xMOOC, Designing a New Learning Environment. Threaded forum and search suck. Connections rule: I’m enjoying “project team” (Island of Lost Toys) interactions. We also have a very small group on Facebook, Venture Island, because communicating among ourselves on the platform is clunky, to put it kindly. I signed up for Creativity (which is not in the least creative, except possibly in some warped Venture Capitalist kind of way) but then could not find out how to leave. Welcome to Hotel California!

Correspondence, social media content commitments and multiple blogs are either taking more time than expected or I am working slower. I have too many of all the aforementioned except time. Plus I am committed to a writing frenzy all month for National Novel Writing Month, which I have been doing since 2004. This year I added Digital Writing Month (on a lark, because most of my writing already is digital and just to see if I could).

So with an eye to keeping up with material, I downloaded transcripts, other documents, reading list, links, etc. My next step was to edit my profile to audit since I missed so much. That was more due to sinus and respiratory infection. Not over-extending for tiresome (and tiring) health reasons is the other part of the “sail trimming” formula.

None of this means leaving the team, just that I am not interested in certificate, never was. Besides, although a solid, logical (not to mention predictable) foundation to prepare us for project design, the assignments are not that interesting. This also means I will now have more time to team.

About the team project: so far, I’m not seeing a lot on the syllabus about projects, at least not much that seems helpful. Storyboard is on the list and may be an assignment. There was a moment of panic today when I mentioned “online artifact.” Another item not adequately covered in the syllabus, a document that would not pass POT muster.


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