OK all you mooc rats & obsessive compulsive serial mooc-ers out there…getting lost, losing track of comments? Fear not: help is on the way. Time to get scraped. Don’t forget: Gordon wants feedback. & comments.

Connection not Content

I published the daily output of a basic Comment Scraper program during the last week of the Change11 MOOC. Since then there has been some further interest and I have been happy to make the original program (in Python 2.7) available on request. I have now written a new and I hope improved version. Although still experimental and only intended for WordPress blogs it is at the stage where realistic testing with user feedback would be very useful.

The Comment Scraper is intended to bring together brief summarised versions of recent blog posts along with with resulting comments (See A ‘Comment Scraper’ for Aggregating Blog Posts with Comments in a MOOC and the update) and FAQ. The idea is to provide nothing more than a quick impression of current MOOC activity – what it’s about and where it’s at. In principle, any online activity where discussion is…

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