MOOP it up! Massive Open Online Program

…Is it a bird, a plane, a #mooc? #CFHE12, another #moocmooc or a FrankenMOOC? Wrong, wrong again and yet again. The last might fit. It’s a #MOOP ormassive open online program, apparently looking to run on volunteer teacher power. Phu Vu, PhD candidate in CI at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, writes

Dear colleagues

Probably you already heard about massive open online courses (MOOC) in which thousands of learners can attend a course with the dropout rate at 90%. We want to push this trend a little further and make it more sustainable with the establishment of a trial massive open online program (MOOP) in ESL. We use Moodle for our LMS and Adobe Connect for LVC.

If you have any experience in MOOC or traditional online learning or even already have a MOOP, please share and exchange with us to establish a MOOP with the minimum dropout rate and maximum educational quality. We also welcome any suggestions and invite cooperation. You may visit our website at to learn more about us.

via IT Forum

According to the website, the program is also looking for qualified and dedicated instructors who are willing to teach some English courses volunteers. Instructors of the E-TESOL program are selected based on two criteria: 1) they have at least an MA degree in TESOL, Linguistics, Education, English, or related fields; and 2) they graduated from an accredited higher education institution in an English-speaking country. They offer several three-week to six-week courses, so volunteers can select the courses that match with their own schedules.

As a FrankenMOOC, is the MOOP a harbinger of the future, the nightmare of traditional faculty worrying about the fate of academic labor. Happy Halloween…


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