A much appreciated recap of #CFHE12 Wk1 readings. “All MOOCs, all the time” is pretty much what my online life (most of it that is to say) feels like lately. For the perennially behind reader, lurker, mooc rat (h/t to Scott Johnson for “specialized terminology”), comparative mooc-er and commenter-at-random, this blog is a life saver. Come to think of it, that was how I sort of survived my 1st one,. Hats off to mooc bloggers everywhere.

All MOOCs, All The Time

The link between MOOCs and the future of education is pretty blatant, so I enrolled in the Siemens & Downes cMOOC The Current/Future State of Higher Education, running over the next few weeks.  The first week is dedicated to what is driving change throughout higher education.

  • UNESCO Report on Trends in Global Education (2009) – What I found especially interesting about this piece was the use of the term massification, used in such a way that it was something I should have been aware of as a scholar of emerging trends in higher ed.

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