The Scoop on MOOCs | HASTAC

As if there weren’t already too many talking and writing and blogging and tweeting about MOOCs (not too mention seeing pie in the sky and dreaming not of sugar plums but Venture Capitalists).

Seemingly natural partners with a clear elective affinity, HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Sciences and Technology Advanced Collaboratory) and “haystackers” had been regarding MOOCs with a degree of suspicion, even disdain, but are now on-board. I’m not sure what Stephen Downes would have to say about either openness (it is a child of the Ivory Silo™) or “collaboratory” though. Eschewing massiveness and highly content oriented, the “haystack” may align better with ds106, POTCert and others of “third way” following a “middle way.”

With the Chronicle of Higher Education’s recent story, “MOOC Mania,” even more people are talking about MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses – and a lot of this dialogue is happening right here on Check out the links for insightful posts on MOOCs and how to use them to revolutionize teaching and learning.

Damn good article and list though via The Scoop on MOOCs | HASTAC and more about “haystack” here.

Addendum: The Middle Way or Middle Path is the term that Siddhartha Gautama used to describe the character of the path he discovered that leads to liberation.  “Via media”is a Latin phrase meaning “the middle road” and is a philosophical maxim for life which advocates moderation in all thoughts and actions. In folktales the Roads are further defined as the Broad Way, the Narrow Way, and the Bonny Middle Way.


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