The Evolution of a Monster or the Frankensyllabus

I’m tagging this one for Weeks 5 and 6 because a) it is about the evolution of a syllabus for an online course, and b) read and sent here directly from Google Reader for “pressing.”  Google Reader’s “Send this” settings do not include WordPress. Free WP dot com does not have “Send To” menu option in the top nav bar. Bad reader, WP: go stand in the corner while I hunt for code to create a custom link.

This took trial error fiddling, to use one of those technical terms someone might complain about.  Next, I used the template to code custom links for each of my WordPress blogs, something the Reader takes care for Blogger, Tumbler and Posterous. Got ’em!  Now to add WordPress as a Reader “Send to” destination.The URL template is: ”${url}&t=${title}&s=${source}&v=2” (without the quotes and, obviously, replacing “name”).  If you are not using your own custom icon, here’s a convenient link for the WP icon,

Now create your custom “Send To” destination: open the Settings page (menu on pull down menu at upper left of Reader page ~ look for gear icon. Click the “Create a custom link” button at the bottom of Settings page, fill in the blanks and click save. I had already dragged a Press this” bookmarklet to my browser toolbar.  Madness is now ready to troll the internet. Any additional amusement this post brings Lisa is lagniappe.

The Evolution of Emerging Learning Technologies (and my “monster” syllabus)

Since that time, this course has evolved into many formats. Below are links to more than a dozen syllabi from the course including the present one–which is what I am referring to as the “Monster Syllabus“–all 64 pages of it. In this post, I am helping people track the evolution of this monster. Everything in the current version of the course is a Weblink. There is nothing for my students to buy. Feel free to use it however you want.

by TravelinEdMan with much more at The Evolution of a Monster: 22+ Years of an Emerging Learning Technologies Course.


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