Hey dude, what’s with the name?

files/images/online-learning-cover.jpg, size:  bytes, type:   Somehow I doubt I will pony up for the special coverage, described as,

 “An inside look at the latest phenomenon in online learning. In this special report, we look at the hype, the hope, and the details—and offer the voices of the pioneers, converts, skeptics, and the undecided.”

Nice graphic though. That and the mileage out of the name duplication might be worth it (“the blog not the Chronicle insert”). Stephen Downes nails it,

“With the Chronicle’s unyielding sense of irony, half the publication’s special coverage on MOOCs is locked behind a subscription paywall. Free articles available include ‘Five Ways that EdX Could Change Education‘, ‘Self-flying Helicopters‘, and ‘A Pioneer in Online Learning Tries a MOOC‘.”

via MOOC Madness ~ OLDaily, Stephen’s Web


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