Reblog: on Following the herd or joining the merry #MOOC/scapades

…more smart mooc blogging from @qui_oui who blogs Canadian #highered policy, #academiclabor, #elearning & #edtech in both Canada and the US at Speculative Diction. I could save all of us a lot of time curating a annotated follow list, but that would deny you the thrill of discovery. Still, it would make a good Madness post down the road, especially since non-mooc-ing highered folk tend to the connectivist or c-mooc clueless and more than a few c-mooc-ers are in x-mooc denial. Yes this is late re-posted, but still worth reading for the survey of major highered and mainstream media coverage. Besides I am a net-ephemera denier. July 31, transplanted Kiwi, Melonie Fullick wrote,

For those who follow the higher education news, the week of July 16th to 22nd will stand out as one in which the term “MOOC” (Massive Open Online Courses, for the uninitiated) hit a high point as the “higher-ed buzzword of the year”. Unwitting readers have been swept up by a tidal wave of MOOC rhetoric, finding themselves clobbered with dubious metaphors of uncontrollable, inevitable force; they have seen the rhetorical dial turned up to 11, moving beyond the level of “game-changer” and “disruption” and into the realm of the “revolutionary” and even the seismological.

Speculative Diction on Following the herd, or joining the merry MOOCscapades of higher-ed bloggers, blogged at University Affairs


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