Monday blogkeeping

…getting madness here and the two other new WordPress blogs better set up to use more efficiently. I would not go so far as to say I am on the WP bandwagon, let alone an enthusiastic convert. There are advantages…and disadvantages…to using WP or just about any other blogging platform. All three are now set up for posting by email. A “Press this” bookmarklet has been dragged to the toolbar. Fortunately, the same will serve for all three.

I am behind blogging moocs, all them, even completed ones. Xmoocs don’t count because there is no blogging requirement or expectation. Some students do anyway and more should but not necessarily in the same way or for same reasons as connectivist or content specific third way models. Third way seems to be a new turn, emerging in the wake of C vs X identity crisis. If I really understood the differences, I’d clarify them. Can’t so won’t.

Personally, I lean to the wildly (and situation based) eclectic. As for 3rd Way, whether in denial or traveling incognito, under an alias, e.g. calling themselves constructivist or communities of practice), the most I’ll allow is that I prefer connectivist to constructivist but not enough to get in a fight over it. Admittedly, I have had less than positive associations (for-profit “training” and “student centered” gone bad) with construcitivism and bet Vygotsy would have too. Scaling is another matter ~ not pedagogy but entangled with it. The rise of the X model has sent a few into denial.

Exploring the differences will be part of this madness. As for blogging moocs, I don’t understand my resistance to blogging them when I manage to blog regularly in other areas. So getting a handle on that is another part of the madness. Learning to use WordPress by just doing it and having a place to reblog other mooc blogs may be the final and least mad part.


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