Third Culture, week 4, really?

from Grand Central, installation by Thibault Brevet

It’s Week 4 in  POT Cert but not everywhere in the electronic schoolyard. Other courses, are in other weeks. For example, Coursera’s Fantasy SF is in Week 10, the final week, essay on Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother due Tuesday.

I’m not sure where CMC11 is, but students are blogging (Learning isn’t Linear and Neither is Living sure suits my mood) and gRSShopper is gathering feeds. There are yet others (weeks, moocs, projects, schedules, assignments, digital artifacts) but going into them would be another post on the season of comparative mooc-ing.

I am reading, bookmarking, commenting, taking courses, comparing them but not designing them because I am not teaching any. I haven’t written a Week 3 post yet, at least not on the prescribed topic. Maybe later. This one isn’t either:

Post your thoughts on planning one of your classes. What elements of design from Chapter 3 will you be considering as you build a class? What ideas did you gain from viewing the tours?

Being in the Deep End is like being in detention. Spitballs not homework.


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