when the numbers don’t add up

This time when I added up the numbers, they came to 9. Last time around, I got stuck at the questionnaire and assigning numbers to preferences without context (teaching what, to what age and level learners, etc).  I more or less stopped POT blogging at that point but would not lay it all at the questionnaire’s doorstep.

Other blogging obligations had a lot to do with it too, along with an inexplicable resistance to mooc-blogging. I can’t really explain that one but seem to be substituting commenting on posts for blogging them, at least about POT, online learning etc ~ but plenty about poetry, arts, environmental and sustainability issues, local events, adjunct advocacy issues and miscellaneous topics of personal interest. Juggling is another topic. So is setting realistic goals. Each time I promise myself to do better. Maybe this time I will.

In partial defense, explanation, whatever, my purposes are not the same as most in the course. I am not preparing to teach an online class, subjugate an unwieldy LMS to my needs. If anything, my education mode is continuing, exploratory and open. What point is there to blogging on assigned / suggested topics that don’t fit my program. The challenge will be, as Rebecca Hogue described it for mobimooc, to align not suborn my purposes.

So what are my purposes? (Hey anyone is this starting to sound like Orient, Declare, etc?) Briefly, informing colleagues about online education, running (or whatever) an open self-paced study group, developing self-paced learning resources for adult learners (open but with emphasis on local), curation projects as they catch my fancy. All educational / informative (neither is quite the term I want) but interesting, or so I hope. I have the distinct advantage of being answerable only to myself.


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