… reviewing OU’s Innovating (is there any other kind lately?) Pedagogy Report, with report and related links amply embedded. Have I read it? No, but hope at least to skim it on the fly and/or review commentaries. The OU brand does entice more than Horizon (report for K-12). The report is tech, connectivism and personal learning oriented ~ all familiar territory. Rhizomatic gets “unsure but could be high” rating. Kuh’s “seamless learning” (bundling what were previously distinct experiences and modes of learning, 1996) is new to me and now added to my own “learn more about list.” Assessment and especially analytics are still the dark side. Ignore the implications at your own peril.


In the spirit of the NMC Horizon reports, a group of scholars at the Open University has prepared a thorough and thoughtful analysis of what is coming in pedagogy.     The 36 report is available here, and though its attention is focused upon post-secondary teaching and learning, there is much here that is highly applicable to those of us seeking to be more informed about coming trends in K-12 pedagogy.

The authors pay deference to the NMC Horizon reports, but explain they have a slightly different goal:

We acknowledge inspiration from the NMC Horizon Reports as well as other future-gazing reports on education. Those explore how innovations in technology might influence education; we examine how innovations in pedagogy might be enacted in an age of personal and networked technology.

In a short commentary on the report, an educational blogger who identifies himself only as “Derek” orders this reports…

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