Hail #POTcert-ers

eLearning WordleVanessa salutes you from Mountainair NM. Yet another POTcert, yet another POTcert blog. This bio/introduction is due an update but not yet too out-dated. The “about me” link at the beginnnig probably is. I wouldn’t bet real money on my getting to it soon. Such is the condition of mooc-overload.

This time, the required blog a new one and even on WordPress. What better way to immerse myself in a less familiar platform? I still haven’t thrown Computers Language Writing out with the bathwater and remain undecided as to what role it will play. Maybe it can go back to being about the  intersection of computers, language, writing. In case of occasional POT-relevant posts, I’ll submit a potcert label feed.  Nor will this one be exclusively POTcert, so that’s another feed to code, this time for the tab. Same difference, different blogging platform, which reminds me: here’s a post about blogging.

blogging wordleThis post has been (mostly) about blogging but it still is not quite a “why blog” post (which is the week 1 assignment). I’ve been thinking about what to write, but wards and post are yet to come. Introductions first, explanations (excuses? rationalizations?) later. You may even get a “Why am I here?” post or reasonable facsimile thereof but not today.


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